Ten Things Every Website Should Have

March 28, 2019

1. A simple, clear domain name.

Ron Wright, the founder of business Web design and online marketing firm Accentix, states that, "Your domain name is like your brand. It should be easy for a user to type it into a Web browser or an e-mail address.” He advises avoiding dashes because they can cause SEO headaches and numbers which may confuse customers.


2. The business name and address in text.

In order to make sure your company is findable, you must write out the business name and address in text rather than images because search engines are not able to index words from images.


3. An easy way to contact the business.

Make it easy for potential clients to contact the business through multiple methods: phone, email, contact form, social media, etc. Additionally, make the contact links clear on the home page and maybe even include them in the footer to make it easy to access.


4. A call to action.

A simple button that says something like “Call now!” or “Buy today!” lets customers know exactly what to do when they visit your site. Make the call to action clear by highlighting and making it obvious.


5. Information about the business and the products.

Summarize exactly what your business is doing and the products or services you are offering potential customers. Putting this information on the homepage makes it easier for customers to know exactly what they will be getting from your business without having to click through tabs.

6. SEO

Search engine optimization is necessary in order to make it more accessible when people search for it. You must use the correct keywords, name things correctly, and use videos and images.


7. Testimonials from past customers.

Third party validation is necessary on your website as customers will be able to learn about your company from another person’s view, giving them a sense of reliability.


8. A mobile friendly version.

As more and more people are beginning to use their phones for searching the web, it is important for companies to have a mobile friendly version of their website to make it easier to use.


9. Quality content.

Content on your website should be clear and concise. The website should clearly explain what your company does but also maintain a level of professionalism. The design should be simple in order to not overwhelm the website visitors.


10. A navigable site map.

It is important to make the website well-designed and easy to use. Make it easy for your website visitors to access links and find what they are looking for. Use tools such as drop


down menus to make information clear and well-organized.


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