Graphic Designers have a critical role to our team!  You will learn how to take the requirements for our clients' content, and turn them in to a visual representation - utilizing tools such as Photoshop and Canva -  for publication to the targeted audiences.


As a Content Creator, you will help us solve two problems: help us not only tell the story of our clients, but also convey the message that SELLS the story to their audience!


When you join our web design team, you will have huge impact to our mission of providing quality content to our clients.  Using modern web design tools such as Wordpress, you will get to help solve a critical problem: building a website from the ground up that will attract customers and generate revenue to our clients!


This is where the rubber hits the road, metaphorically speaking!  As our Sales Representative, you will interface with the clients and leads for our team, and assist in conveying how our product gives their business the return of investment they are looking for!

Blogger &

Creative Writer

Creative writers produce written copy in the form of blogs, editorial articles, video scripts, websites and promotional marketing material. With the mastery of the written word, a writing professional establishes settings, messages, themes and style within a single marketing paragraph or throughout an entire website 

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At Scorpyon Tech our greatest assets are our service, versatility, and ability to create a client's vision and watch it come to life online!

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